Whether you are looking to downsize, live a better lifestyle or free up your financials, there are many benefits to living at Hillier Park or The Palms.

Free up your finances!

There are many financial advantages of living at a Pandora Lifestyle Village. Because you don’t own the land, investing in a home becomes much more affordable. For many, this frees up capital to invest or for some, go on the holidays you’ve always dreamed of and enjoy the great lifestyle.

  • No stamp duty
  • No deferred management, entry or exit fees
  • No hidden fees or charges
  • You own your own home completely
  • Site fees cover council rates, emergency services levies, water, sewerage, and access to all facilities
  • Most residents may be eligible for government funded rental assistance
  • Residents are eligible for ongoing government concessions via Residential Parks Energy Concessions and Cost of Living concession.

Community living

Residential Villages are full of like-minded, similar aged people who often share the same interests or hobbies. Neighbours often help each other out and look out for each other. With events at the social club, including Bingo, Craft, Bowls, Darts and Exercise groups and more at each village, you can get as involved as you’d wish without compromising your privacy.

Feel safe & secure!

Park management is available during office hours and emergency phone security after hours. The unique closeness of homes and resident vigilance is an excellent “community watch” process and doesn’t compromise your privacy. Finally, the rural positioning and fenced perimeter of the property adds to the security of Hillier Park & The Palms. 

Community & Recreation

Enjoy all park facilities including recreational hall, billiard room, social club, pool, gym, walking trails, and manicured grounds. Hillier Park also has garden plots & a community shed. 

Health Benefits

Residents often report that moving to a Pandora Lifestyle Village has had a positive impact on their overall health and wellbeing. Commonly, they relate it to staying active, being part of a community with healthy social interaction and living a stress-free lifestyle.

Downsize to Low Maintenance Living

Maintaining a large family home can become quite demanding as we get older. Homes within Hillier Park & The Palms are designed with you in mind, offering low maintenance without comprising on quality or amenity. Village grounds, common areas and facilities are all maintained by park management.

Close to Gawler & transport facilities

Hillier Park & The Palms provide a country living feel whilst still being close to essential services. Hillier Park is only a 5 minute drive into Gawler, and The Palms only 5 minutes into Virginia, which both have medical facilities, supermarkets, pubs, cafes and speciality stores. With bigger department stores only 15 minutes away at Munno Para or Elizabeth. Hillier Park is well serviced by different transport options to easily get to Gawler and the train stations. The Gawler on-demand bus also services Hillier Park. The Palms has a bus for residents.

Perfect for the travel lover If you plan on travelling, enjoy the peace of mind knowing there are always neighbours around looking out for each other, gardens are minimal and easy to “set and forget”. The office can either hold your mail or forward it on. Hillier Park & The Palms both have storage for caravans available.